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I am a developer and an entrepreneur. I have twenty plus years of experience in the field of computing. My experience spans many platforms, programming languages, and I am an advocate of the open-source world. Uniquely positioned in life, I search for application and service ideas that can be converted into profitable or open-source products. Most important to me is positive energy and accomplishment.

Recent Article:

How do I get the cd command to follow symbolic links to the physical directory?

Use the -P option to tell cd to change directory to the physical directory where the symbolic link is pointing.

Installing Ubuntu 16.04 from USB

I was very interested to hear Ubuntu released 16.04 LTS and to get started installing it on all of my machines. I used usb-creator on 14.04 to create a USB startup stick. I inserted the USB stick into my ASUS G2S-B2 laptop and powered it up. I have the BIOS set to boot from USB, so, I expected to see Ubuntu boot up and give me options to install to a hard disk. Nothing!! It booted grub and presented me with all my previous installations. I tried several interations of rebooting, changing the BIOS settings, etc. and ended up with the same result.

Running Godoc On Ubuntu As A Service

I'm digging Golang more and more each day and the godoc tool is proving quite useful. If you plan to release your code into the wild and have it show up in the public godoc at: http://godoc.org/, then, it is probably a good idea to attempt to provide documentation that is as complete as possible.

What Order Do Golang Tests Run?

So, I've been moving forward with Golang lately and really like it a lot. Today, I was wondering what order tests are run and decided to find out a little. Basically, I created a directory containing a few test files.

Golang - Logging to a file

I couldn't find this answer in the officail documentation. If it exists, then, it eluded me.

Golang - Read a file line by line

Reading a file line by line in Golang is pretty easy. Have a look at the following example: