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Support For My Blog Posts

My blog posts as well as screen casts tend to be straight to the point. Although I talk slow and stutter a bit I like to save time. You will notice that most of my posts are related to Rails apps. In the upper right corner on the page of each post you will see a Support Area. Most, but, not all posts will have links to videos, related references, and support files that you can download.

For example, if I do a small screencast about Rails you will be able to download the exact app that I was showing inside the screencast. All you should have to do is download the support file, expand it into a work directory, change directory to any app within it and run bundle install, then, run the app. I do my best to ensure the app in the screencast is consistent with the app that you see in the screencast, however, sometimes I may change the app without redoing the screencast. After all, I have work to do. Also, there may be multiple apps per support file.

Another feature you will notice is that I include versioning information at the time that the screencast and app is created. I find those details are very helpful in the open source world.

Lastly, one of the most time consuming tasks is wading through the tremendous amount of stale and inaccurate information on the internet. So, I make sure all of my blog posts contain the date it was created and last updated. As for the inaccurate part I simply apologize up front. Sorry about that dude...

I hope that you find some of things I offer to be helpful!!


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